A Look Inside The Creative Process Of Centipede Hz With Animal Collective [Video]

<p>Geologist, Avey Tare, Panda Bear, and Deakin give us a first hand rundown of how they made their new album.</p>

Animal Collective albums are such complex, wholistic expressions of sound that it makes you wonder how four people, with four different creative perspectives, come together to create them. What musical language is spoken between these abstract thinkers that allows them to craft songs that embody their influences, and yet are distinctly Animal Collective each time they drop an album?

While their previous album, the monumental Merriweather Post Pavilion, came together beginning with a planning stage that saw files shooting back and forth on the internet, each band member augmenting ideas and sending them back around, Centipede Hz returns to a more old school method, something any musician who had a garage band setup can relate to: they jammed it out.

But Animal Collective doesn’t jam like your average band. Spending a couple of weeks fleshing out ideas together in the studio, with all the traditional and unconventional machinery that yields their sound, Centipede Hz emerges as a more shared experience, and one that’s more visceral and alive than their albums of recent memory.

Geologist described the sound of the album as being in a control room in space, picking up random transmissions from sources known and unknown. That’s what inspired the concept of Animal Collective Radio, the series of radio-style broadcasts the band created in collaboration with The Creators Project leading up to the release of Centipede Hz. In the video above, take a look inside the creative process between four musicians who conceive of such audio madness in a truly collective, organic way.

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