A Lone Astronaut Becomes Stranded On Another Planet In This Tense Sci-fi Short

<p>Tyson Wade Johnston&#8217;s <i>Seed</i> sees a lone astronaut making a discovery he wishes he hadn&#8217;t.</p>

SEED (2012) Short Film from Tyson Wade Johnston on Vimeo.

Another day, another great looking sci-fi film makes its way onto the front page of Vimeo. This one’s called Seed, directed by Tyson Wade Johnston, and is set in 2071. It used to be that Hollywood was the place to go to for your sci-fi, now we can find it in short online films—although this one does take its inspiration from the classic 60s and 70s era of sci-fi movie-making.

The plot’s centered around a lone astronaut checking out a planet for potential colonization—he gets spooked as time seems to be shifting around, echoing, and messing with his head. He gets cut off from his buddies up in the spaceships and then the tension wracks up as some mysterious fly-vision entity is spying on him from afar. Who is it? What does it want? And why does this always seem to happen when you’re alone on another planet? Watch and find out.