A CLOUD Made Of 6,000 Lightbulbs, Complete With Pull-Chains

<p>Caitlind r.c. Brown&#8217;s piece for Nuit Blanche Calgary got the crowd to gather underneath a luminous&#8212;and delicate&#8212;cloud.</p>

A cloud of 6,000 lightbulbs seems like the last thing you’d want to stand underneath—particularly when a crowd of people is yanking at the pull-chains—but visitors at Nuit Blanche Calgary dove right in, interacting with CLOUD, an installation by Caitlind r.c. Brown. For the project, Brown collected 5,000 dead bulbs from the public (certainly a better use for these duds than smashing them on the back porch) and sculpted them into the shape of a fluffy cloud, with 1,000 functional bulbs interspersed throughout.

A curtain of pull-chains is suspended underneath, giving the illusion of rain drops emerging from the cloud, and visitors are invited to yank on them to turn the bulbs on and off, making CLOUD flicker like a raincloud during a lightning storm. In the video above, you can see that it’s not long before the mob comes together in a concerted effort to light the whole thing up. Teamwork!

[via: Colossal]