A Hypothetical Journey Across The Universe

<p>Dawid Krepski&#8217;s animation explores the unknown via the unrecognized.</p>

Out in the cosmic ether all sorts of bizarre lands might exist and do—gas planets with raging storms, orbiting moons with lakes of liquid methane—and that’s just in our own solar system. So who knows what strangeness lies beyond? What science has yet to discover the imagination can contemplate.

In this surreal animation, Dots and Dashes, from filmmaker Dawid Krepski the viewer journeys through imaginary lands via a variety of animation styles, from hand drawn to stop-motion to 3D, in order to create landscapes of exploding purple gases, wintry snowfalls and multicolored skeletons.

He explains:

In the dark corners of the universe lurk undiscovered worlds. Incomprehensible, contrary to logic and the laws of physics. Trapped in the cosmic diamond, forever dancing in the arms of demiurge.

Thanks for sending it over Dawid.