A Human Pixel Screen Using The Windows In A Building's Facade

<p>A real life 8-bit architectural animation.</p>

How do you usually celebrate a milestone? Cake? Booze? A trip to Vegas? Swiss medical school Health High School Vaud (HESAV) takes a slightly more interesting route towards celebration than waking up with a merciless hangover.

In honor of their ten-year anniversary and HESAV fait ses 400 coups!”, Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond, (also known by his pseudonym NOTsoNOISY), and Trivial Mass Production crossed over from the digital to the analog realm. This architectural performance entitled “Animated Tower” is a human pixel screen that was designed just for the occasion which will take place on November 1st through 8th.

110 students, colleagues, and associates of HESAV gathered on June 16th, 2012 to participate in the performance. Emulating a lo-fi 8-bit animation, the team created a rudimentary screen of 5×11 “pixels.” The animation was created entirely by analog images: no projectors, no GIFs.

The project is made up of people inside opening and closing the windows and shutters of the building’s 11 floors to create choreographed sequences of waves, patterns, and hearts (oh my!). The second half of the video shows the tedious (but seemingly fun!) coordination process.

Images courtesy of notsonoisey.com