A Gravity Defying Rube Goldberg Machine

<p>2D house pits Goldberg against Newton in this topsy turvy chain reaction.</p>

Everyone loves Rube Goldberg machines, but why? What is it about a chain reaction orchestrated for performing a simple task that has us standing there with our eyes wide and our mouths agate in a dumb smile, craning our necks as we follow the actions? Perhaps because a Rube Goldberg machine is the embodiment of a simple, sequential story—first this happens, which causes this to happen, etc, etc. It’s like a movie for the incredibly simple-minded, and when we are captivated by one, it’s the little moron in all of us that’s bringing on that smile.

This Rube Goldberg machine from 2D House plays with our perception by flipping the action upside down without us noticing and effectively reversing gravity for the purpose of the machine. In the end, it’s a win for Goldberg and a loss for Newton, whose apple can’t help him when competing with the chain reaction master.

Watch and zone out to this a couple of times today.