A First Look At Google's Augmented Reality Glasses [Video]

<p>See what Project Glass is capable of.</p>

Earlier this year, we got news about Google’s plans for augmented reality glasses, a vision straight out of Terminator and our dystopian cyborg future. Today the internet had its first encounter with images of what these specs will actually look like, as well as the above concept video that imagines what what they’ll actually be capable of. Our demonstration comes in the form of a lazy Sunday (unless it’s a Tuesday and our protagonist is simply unemployed) spent chilling in New York with the assistance of Google’s Project Glass prototype.

These aren’t exactly glasses, but something more futuristic looking. It looks like an item Geordi La Forge would use to transition from his trademark visor to the world of the seeing—far less imposing than a pair of traditional specs. Using the prototype, you can do all the things your phone does, like checking the weather, your emails, texts, setting reminders, and finding your way around town, just by speaking to it and interacting with the augmented reality visualization.

Thinking about augmented reality invokes the image of menacing cyborg machines, with colored grids and churning digital numbers all over the place, but the Project Glass visualization employs a far less hindering interface, keeping all the augmentation small and simple.

Will Project Glass reach ubiquity? Google seems to think so, and they’ve been right about a couple of things in the past. Only time will tell, but look out for Googlers sporting early test versions of these glasses at your local watering hole in the months to come.


Images courtesy Google.

via New York Times Bits Blog.