A Field Of Kinetic LED Flowers Adorns The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

Futuristic flowers invade New York during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Spring blossomed in the form of kinetic LED flowers that decorate the entrance of 2013 Tribeca Film Festival currently taking place in New York City. In this dreamlike outdoor installation, a field of artificial flowers is laid over the classical facade of the architecture to create a wondrous veil of fluorescent and violet lights that glow while gracefully floating along with the city breeze. 

Built by BW Architects, they conceptualized the practice of merging craft with technology to transform the festival into a fantastic landscape that reinvents spring. The flowers are minimalistic in their appearance and construction-steel rods hold the flowers, whose petals are made of white paper shades holding individual LED lights. The true atmosphere of the installation is best appreciated as the arrangements of the flowers swing back and forth at different speeds due to the kinetic energy produced by the varying length of the steel rods. 

The installation is as mesmerizing as the red poppy flowers that put Dorothy to sleep once upon a time in The Wizard of Oz, but are also inventive and futuristic enough to belong in some sort of tech-garden in Tron City. The work is a site to get lost in that shows how technology can act as ephemeral and delicate add-ons to an urban world where nature is buried under the artifical.

The lovely robot flowers during the day. 

Fluorescent fun at night. 

All images courtesy of STUDIO KENJI