A Fashionista's Dream Turntable

<p>Remix the avant-garde designs of emerging Austrian fashion designers with a new app and art installation for London Fashion Week.</p>

Fashion Remix from Nexus on Vimeo.

Another Austria Fashion Remix is a new interactive app created by Austrian director Kris Hofmann, based at Nexus Interactive Arts, that allows people to control a rotating, stop-frame animated film on an abstract turntable. The app remixes the avant-garde looks of emerging Viennese fashion designers with touch gestures—by turning clockwise the disk speeds up, and by swiping anti-clockwise the movements and music slow down.

The remixed industrial, electronic beats of Austrian producer Callrider enhance the enigmatic atmosphere and playfulness of the app.

Made for the Microsoft Surface device, the Windows 8 version of the iPad, the app is also displayed as an art installation at The International Fashion Showcase: Another Austria exhibition taking place at the Austrian Cultural Forum during London Fashion Week. The exhibition celebrates contemporary creative work from the country's emerging and established artists, which follow the Austrian artistic tradition of being on the forefront of modernity and uniqueness.

Looks by Austrian designers Anna Aichinger, Femme Maison, Gon, Hartman Nordenhols, Kayiko, Madame with a Mission, Mark and Julia, and Pitour are projected onto the wall in the installation showcasing the mix n' match mechanisms of the app to better appreciate the aesthetic and style of their pieces. The high quality of the app is visually stunning, and gives viewers not only a taste of Austrian fashion, but also a mobile art installation for fashionistas and art aficionados on the go.

Images courtesy of Carmen de Wit at Nexus Interactive Arts.