A Fall/Winter Collection Inspired By Glitch Art And Oddities Of Color And Shape

<p>This designer&#8217;s collection shakes the fashion world.</p>

Designer Nhu Duong kicked of 2012 with a Spring/Summer collection featuring oddly-shaped pieces with clean, asymmetrical cuts and innovative materials. With the cold months just on the horizon, she’s gearing up to roll out the next phase of her vision for fashion.

For her Fall/Winter 2012 collection in collaboration with Das Institute (Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder) and United Brothers (Ei and Tomoo Arakawa), Nhu Duong celebrates her affinity for strange shapes and experiments with the aesthetics of her clothing. Clearly inspired by the cyberpunk universe, as well as glitch-art, she plays with different materials by mixing fabric and printed nylon, and explores the metallic colors of hard drives to make tunics. Here’s how she describer her own creative process:

It commences with a single loop, cut, turned into a strap, covering a dress, unclear whether it secures something or just forms a loose end. Oscillating between function and openness, the purpose of the garment is temporarily interrupted. The strap then transforms into hanging strips, fasteners, belts, textile fragments, patches, then loops, holes, and finally an entire dress made from a single band of fabric. A loose structure is created.

Here are some of our favorite designs: