A Digital Sculpture Painted With Tweets

<p>Hotpixel&#8217;s collaborative artwork created via social media.</p>

Twitter can be used for many things like, following celebrities, ganging up on celebrities, and unfollowing celebrities. But it has other uses apart from finding out what J-Lo had for lunch, and one of those is creating collaborative artwork.

As part of a commission for the audiovisual festival CROMAfest, Mexico-based interactive agency Hotpixel created a digital sculpture by visualizing tweets with the hashtag #CROMAfest. When users send a tweet, their avatar tumbles into view on the screen, which in turn generates a unique sound. The users can then further interact with the sculpture by changing the background color of the piece, which is done by tweeting hashtag then a color (for example, “#blue”).

The end result makes for a nice little twist on the usual Twitter hashtag clouds and follows in the tradition of interactive Twitter installations from the likes of Hellicar & Lewis, who recently developed a real time Twitter hub for TED2012, and previously created The Hello Wall in London.

Photos via Josue Ibanez’s Flickr.