A City Rises From The Ground Sim City-Style In Doit Science's New Music Video

<p>From a few houses to space colonization in a few minutes.</p>

If you’re the sort of person who’s had their time consumed by the Sim City franchise, or even played at building houses from Lego, then you’ll be able to relate to this music video for Japanese band Doit Science’s track “City Planning,” from animators Onionskin.

Appropriately for a track titled “City Planning,” the video—in an infographic style that reminds us of Creators Sticky Monster Lab—sees the growth of a city, from a few trees and houses to a sprawling metropolis with all the infrastructure you’d need—railways, factories, three suns(?). The expansion continues, doubling to two towns, then a road out of there, which inevitably leads to the an Eiffel Tower-like structure that launches into space where the colonization begins anew.