A Car Gets Deconstructed Into Visual Data

<p>Even the most dedicated car geek won&#8217;t recognize this abstracted automobile.</p>

We encountered Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda’s data artwork before, when he attempted the simple act of trying to approximate infinity using streams of numbers that immersed the viewer in strobe-like patterns. His latest exhibition at MUMA in Berlin data.anatomy [civic] again uses data to confound and bewitch his audience.

Using the entire data set of a Honda Civic, Ikeda created an audiovisual composition on a three-screen projection where the car is broken down and transformed into a series of data visualizations and sound pieces—generative blueprints—where numbers and images cascade across the screens. “It’s like a human, the many organs in it, and that inspired me,” says Ikeda in the video when talking about the car.

Similar to much of Ikeda’s work, this project takes the data and presents it back to us in a way we’re unfamiliar with, giving form to the invisible as the object goes from one of physicality to one of abstraction, allowing us to contemplate it in ways we may not have before.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]