A Camera That Does The Thinking For You

<p>And judges how good your shot is.</p>

Released as part of the Digitale Klasse at the University of Berlin, a course tutored by creator Joachim Sauter and Jussi Ängeslevä, comes Nadia, a new “smart” camera by German artist Andrew Kupresanin. It’s a camera that has no viewfinder—digital or otherwise—allowing you to see the image you’re taking. Instead, the device uses an aesthetic quality inference engine called Acquine, leaving it up to the machine to make the judgment call on the composition and quality of the image, which is expressed as a simple percentage rating on the back of the camera.

Kupresanin says:

We will soon see devices and systems that have the ability to think creatively and infer beauty. As this novel technology improves and works its way into consumer devices, what effect will it have on individual preference and our creative process? Will new objects and possibilities arise?

Indeed, what if the eye beholding the beauty is a machine—will it help or hinder the principles governing creativity and art?