A Black And White Video Slowly Turns To Color, But How?

<p>Eran Amir&#8217;s <i>Black &amp; White (In Colour)</i> uses visual cunning to play a trick with your perception.</p>

Prepare to have your perception blown with this old-timey video from filmmaker Eran Amir-a black and white video that suddenly, magically, starts to exhibit color once he pours himself a nice glass of orange juice.

First we see the orange of the orange juice, then come the flipped playing cards appearing in color, then a flower in a pot, a coke bottle, some sweets, a Rubik’s cube, a melon—and so it goes until suddenly the whole room is in color and you’re left thinking “huh!?”.

So how did he do it? Well, see if you can work it out. Hint: it featured no post-production digital tinkering.

[via Colossal]