A Bigger, Better Eyebeam Means More Amazing Fusions Of Art And Technology

<p>The Creators Project&#8217;s favorite New York art and technology center needs your help to become even more awesome.</p>

For some time now, New York art and technology center Eyebeam has been an essential part of supporting the creative exploration of our rapidly evolving digital culture. Here at The Creators Project, we’ve been long time fans and supporters of the organization and its programs, which range from sponsoring artist residencies and fellowships, organizing public programs like talks, workshops and hackathons, and staging exhibitions focused on new media art. Several of our Creators are Eyebeam alumni: James Powderly and Taeyoon Choi.

Last year, when we wanted to organize our first Art Hack Weekend we knew we had to team up with Eyebeam. In addition to hosting the hackathon and the accompanying meetups and workshops, they also provided our winners, Antagonistic Apps and Team Dis-Kinect, with a space for incubating the projects they presented at our DUMBO event later that year. This Spring, they hosted our lecture on Bjork’s Biophilia app album with developers Scott Snibbe and Max Wiesel, and we’re constantly cooking up new ways to work together.

For their 15th anniversary, Eyebeam is planning an expansion of their facility in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, and they need your help. All of the renovations are focused on enhancing the openness of the space and allowing them to better engage their surrounding neighborhood and community. They’re financing the project through an ongoing Kickstarter campaign that launched today.

Their aim is to raise $25,000 for major renovations and new additions in order to make the gallery as much your space as it is theirs, because what better aid to encouraging discussions and an open dialogue than a cup of coffee from their new pop-up cafe in the proposed hang-out area? They’re also planning on creating a whole new exhibition area, as well extending and fixing up their entrance facade, allowing exhibitions and their expanded library full exposure to the street. The bigger Eyebeam is going to be awesome, so let’s make it happen!

An architectural rendering of the proposed space

Current Eyebeam gallery facade