Moments Of A bad dream Captured In GIF Form

<p>Nydia Lilian&#8217;s black and white <span class="caps">GIF</span> series flashes between the dark and light sides of her subjects.</p>

Jan 16 2013, 8:41pm

The subjects of Nydia Lilian’s photography are varied—everything from landscapes to insects arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns—but she captures all of them in a similarly gloomy, evocative light, sticking to black and white for all of her creative projects. For her newest series, bad dream, Lilian explores the format of the venerable GIF.

Looking at landscapes, cityscapes, and wild patterns through a dynamic eye, she presents each piece flashing between its actual color (in black and white) and its negative colors. The alternating images give the illusion that you are eternally zooming in on the picture, moving quickly enough that they create a disorienting feeling akin to this psychedelic gem, although significantly more pleasing to the eye. Fun as they are to look at, let’s hope no one is actually having “bad dreams” of this nature.

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