Fire A Paintball And Create Some Art

<p>Art, paintballing, and apps come together in Everyware&#8217;s latest project <i>Crowdraw</i>.</p>

Sep 27 2012, 11:17am

CROWDRAW from on Vimeo.

Fancy creating some art today, but don’t have the creative reserves or eons of time to think up and implement an idea? No worries, because Korean Creators Everyware have created a project that lets you participate in the creation of a paintball painting simply by downloading an app and swiping on your touchscreen.

The piece is called Crowdraw and it involves firing virtual paintballs at a wall in a virtual gallery on their phones. Splatterings will then be replicated IRL in a gallery in Seoul in the exact same position that you shot them on the app to form part of a larger, participatory work.

if you want to get involved you can download the app (Android and iPhone) and fire away. You even get a photo of the piece sent to you every minute, updating you on this crowdsourced paintball-Pollock. As well as creating the work, you can even help fund it by buying more paintballs through the app that go towards purchasing more actual paintballs for the piece, so you can be both patron and artist. See, making and funding art is easy.

And check out our video on the duo below to find out more about their creative processes.


Photos courtesy of Everyware.