You Can Print Your Own Open Source Guitar

<p>Bård S D has created a user-generated guitar using Blender and 3D printing.</p>

Jan 7 2011, 5:25pm

Created on nothing more than the humble home computer using Blender, an open source 3D modeling software, this triptych guitar by Bård S D is yet another shining example of the possibilities of home manufacturing. It’s been a growing trend this past year and is something we will only be seeing more of as the technology gets cheaper and the processes behind it become simpler. This particular guitar was made through Zoybar—a research and development lab open to anyone who wants to create instruments or applications—and brought into the world using Shapeways, an online 3D printing service.

The name of this homemade guitar is Tor, after the Nordic god who wields a giant hammer (you may know him from comic books as Thor). The rock and roll-appropriate name suits the instrument’s stripped down, ergonomic design, which delivers little more than the bare essentials: a neck and body, plus a leg and arm rest, and a stand to rest it on. We’re not sure how well it plays but it certainly looks nifty.

But the big question is, how do I make my own? Well, firstly you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the design. You’ll find a breakdown of the component parts here; have a peruse then download the .wrl files and print them off. Hey presto, you have an awesome looking guitar all for the not-so-princely sum of $175.00. And if the DIY punk spirit overtakes you, there are plenty more musical instruments you can download and print here. Who knows, you might even be able to get the band back together.

Here’s the virtual model:

And here it is brought into existence: