8 GIFs That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

These animated GIFs by Zack Dougherty raise the art form to a trippy new level.

Creating a nightmarish hellscape right in his backyard of Portland, OR artist Zach Dougherty has taken sculptures and set them on a permanent loop against the city's backdrop. We're hard-pressed to imagine anything more terrifying than...

...finding a black blob in a phone booth.

...coming across a floating silver orb in a parking lot.

...seeing a Grecian bust (on a ball) in the middle of a barren parking lot.

...a showdown with a different Grecian bust, spinning like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, on an abandoned loading dock.

...a perpetually whirling astronaut on a sidewalk.

... a chance encounter with a random moon in a basement.

...having an animated grave staring at us.

...running across a brick sculpture than can breathe, hanging out in downtown Portland.

While thankfully "keep Portland weird" doesn't extend to anything quite this strange, if you'd really like to see the city come alive you can visit dougherty's website here.

Zack Dougherty

via Ignant

All images courtesy of Zack Dougherty