6,000 Paintings And Plenty Of Man Hours Make Up This Atmospheric Animation

<p>Painstaking is a word you could use to describe the process of making Reza Dolatabadi&#8217;s film <i>Khoda</i>.</p>

A director like Stanley Kubrick probably got tired of hearing the compliment that if you pause one of his movies, “every frame is like a painting.” And for something like Barry Lyndon, you can say that statement is more than just hyperbole. The idea that pausing a film, anywhere, to reveal a painting is taken to its logical conclusion with Reza Dolatabadi‘s project Khoda. The animation, which Dolatabadi describes as a “psychological thriller,” features more than 6,000 paintings and amounts to over two year’s work, all for a measly five minutes of film.

Most old school animation was done by people painstakingly drawing up different scenes and characters, so you could claim this is nothing new, but it’s still an interesting piece of filmmaking, especially for a student film. The running scene is particularly cool, and it makes you wonder what he’ll be following up this 2008 project with in his new work, mentioned at the beginning of this piece.

[via Vimeo]