Here's What A 3D Printed Guitar Sounds Like

<p>Bård S D designed and printed his own guitar, the Zoybar Tor. And it sounds pretty amazing.</p>

Feb 14 2011, 4:20pm

About a month ago we wrote about Bård S D’s homemade 3D printed guitar, Zoybar Tor, designed using open source 3D modeling software. Everyone seemed to agree that it looked great with its sleek, minimal design, but the big question was: how did it sound? Well, we emailed Bård and asked him if he wouldn’t mind sending us a video of him playing it, and he kindly obliged with the video above. Keep in mind he’s playing this fretless, but even so, we think it sounds pretty damn good. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for sending that in, Bård!