The Most Elaborate Rube Goldberg Page Turning Device Ever

<p>For those with time to kill.</p>

Kevin Holmes

We’re all familiar with Rube Goldberg, creator of elaborate contraptions that take simple tasks and turn them into complex processes undertaken by a domino-like setup of machinated (in)efficiency. Kinetic artist Joseph Herscher creates these machines for real—in this instance taking the simple act of turning a page and transforming it into an extravagance that features swinging ladles, fly swatters, a blow-dried hamster and plenty more.

The Page Turner makes turning the page of a newspaper an elaborately-designed event. And why not? How else are we supposed to liven up these antiquated ink and paper reading devices? (Kidding! We like books and newspapers). If you’re intrigued to know more, or interested in recreating the machine in your own kitchen, the New York Times has an interactive breakdown of the various stages of the device.