Rube Goldberg Meets Duchamp In This Audiovisual Installation

<p>Legoman from AntiVJ teams up with illustrator Fred Penelle, for an artwork where old meets new and physical meets virtual.</p>

Mar 23 2012, 3:58pm

Though it’s a work in progress, Mécaniques Discursives still manages to capture the imagination. The project from AntiVJ member Yannick Jacquet (aka Legoman) and Fred Penelle, an illustrator of the mechanically arcane, combines illustration with projection mapping in an audiovisual environment. With its various components and moving parts, the installation looks like a kind of Rube Goldberg contraption crossed with the Surrealists and Duchamp’s readymades.

Add to that the tinkering, creaking, strained music and it all adds up to a very intriguing premise. Check out the videos below for a glimpse of this teasing installation and check back for the final thing which we’ll feature when it is completed.

The idea of old and new, projection mapping and illustration, is a theme Jacquet is not unfamiliar with, having used this classic combo for his piece Cityscape 2095—that time pairing up with French cartoonist Mandril.