5 Incredible Kinetic Sculptures

<p>Mechanics meet art. 5 mind-blowing sculptures that move.</p>

It’s robotics meets fine art. Gadgetry meets Gaudi. Kinetic sculpture has come a long way since Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel. These 5 incredible kinetic sculptures are taking the medium to a whole other level with their melding of mechanics and aesthetics.

Motion and movement are always part of the equation with sculpture—even in its stationary variety. Being a physical medium, one that imposes itself on the viewer and its surrounding environment, motion is always an unspoken aspect of sculpture, but kinetic sculpture brings that element to the forefront and changes the dynamic between viewer and object. We’re no longer standing back and watching, we are actively engaged in the physical relationship that is playing out and changing before our eyes.

Here are 5 kinetic sculptures that are changing the way we look at sculpture altogether:

U-Ram Choe: New Urban Species Exhibition

Justin GoodyerAdaptive Bloom

Jaochim Sauter (Art + Com)BMW Kinetic Sculpture

Willem van WeeghelDynamic Structure 10

Reuben MargolinMagnetic Wave