5 Fave QR Code Designs

<p>More reasons why the Japanese have it right.</p>

To the naked eye, QR (Quick Response) codes are dull, 2-D, maze-like images, now playing a major role in the way we interpret data. Although they’re a relatively new concept State-side, the technology was conceived by Japanese company, Denso Wave in 1994. Unlike the now vintage barcode, QR codes can be read with downloadable QR readers on most mobile phones. After you download compatible software and take a picture of the black-and-white scramble, your phone prompts you to the related url associated with the code. In Japan, QR codes are already used in supermarkets to inform shoppers where exactly their produce came from, sometimes even revealing what type fertilizer was utilized. In the US, Fandango, is experimenting with ways to use the codes in lieu of paper tickets. Here are some of our favorite designs that might not be saving the world or protecting us from diseases, but sure are using the geeky medium in an innovative and conceptual way.

Pet Shop BoysIntegral

Clever Cupcakes for the Montreal Science Centre — Edible QR coded cupcakes

SET JapanTakashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton QR code marketing mechanism

SINAP Japan — QR code sand sculpture

Lendorff.KaywaSpace Invader QR code scarf