Sabine Ducasse Fashions 8-bit Clothing From Melted Beads

<p>See what can happen when plastic beads are used to make pixelated fashion.</p>

Aug 16 2012, 1:01pm

I’m sure, much like me, you’ve always wanted to dress yourself in technicolor 8-bit pixels. Call it a hangover from a childhood spent watching blocky video game characters defeat evil sorcerer turtles, but it’s there. Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga already helped realize this desire with his pixelated A/W 2011/2012 collection. And now the cause has been furthered with this project titled Melting Pot from Sabine Ducasse.

Part of the 2012 collection from this French designer, the patterns, instead of being printed on fabric, are made using the simple process of ironing Perler beads until they stick together to create colourful pixel-like garments.

The intricate psychedelic patterns look like decorative armor, perfect for the person who wants to rock that New Aesthetic look that’s so hot right now. Check out her designs below.

[via Wired]