Turning Children's Drawings Into 3D Printed Figurines

<p>Finally! Crayon Creatures will turn your kid&#8217;s drawing into a sandstone print.</p>

Jan 4 2013, 1:50pm

For all the complex, intricate, and stunning sculptures 3D printing can facilitate, it’s the idea that the mechanism can actualize something that was once just a 2D image (digital or otherwise) that makes it such an intriguing piece of tech. From Minecraft figures to printed records, producing a physical version of something intangible is what gives 3D printing a sense of doing something magical.

And what could be more magical (in a cheesy, Disney kind of way) than bringing a kid’s drawing to life? Crayon Creatures will take your kid’s terrible terribly cute drawing that’s supposed to be an elephant but looks like a bunny with a weight problem, and turns it into a sandstone figurine—proving that nowhere is safe from this technology. So instead of just having your child’s art litter your fridge door, you can now have it litter your entire house.

And if your parents have kept any drawings you did as a kid, now’s the time to get them birthed into 3D physicality. Take a look at some of the designs from their site, below.

Here’s a hamster in a speedboat, because we all know hamsters love speedboats.

The sun, looking a bit green in the gills

A giant girl captured moments before she tore this house down and went on a Godzilla-esque rampage.

[via Waxy.org]