The Creators Project Spotlight - Week 5

<p>Highlighting the most innovative and inspiring creations submitted by our readers.</p>

Julia Kaganskiy

The Creators Project is a celebration of creativity and innovation in the digital age. To our mind, one of the best things about technology is that with a little inspiration, it empowers anyone to create by making the tools of production and distribution more accessible. So, each week we put out a call for your creative submissions—your experimental films, software art, animations, music mash-ups—then highlight the best of the best right here on The Creators Project Spotlight. Check out the works below and let us know what you think.

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“The Drum” by Nobody Beats The Drum

This music video from Dutch electro-breakbeat group Nobody Beats The Drum has got all our favorite things: robots, lasers, and thundering bass beats that’ll shake you to your core and make you wanna get your dance on. These battling cyborgs bring back fond childhood memories of afternoons spent watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, or maybe the Japanese-inspired monster deathmatch Kaiju Big Battel. All we can say is, we hope these guys employ the same kind of crazy antics and costumes on stage. That would make for one hell of a live show.

Super Ultra Kara-tay by Kenzo Digital

Despite the fact that this video is basically a really nifty Casio watch promotional, we can’t help but fall for its’ Kung-Fu meets 8-bit video game aesthetics (yeah, we know, we’re suckers). New York-based new media artist and director Kenzo Digital just knows exactly how we like it. This Kung-Fu spoof features designers Dee & Ricky packing some mean punches and wielding some deadly chopsticks while defending a Shinoan temple in a LEGO wonderland. We love the humorous, kitschy, ’80s nostalgia here and applaud the incredible animation.

“Ida Walked Away” by Takafumi Tsuchiya

This dreamy, vibrantly kaleidoscopic music video comes from Japanese artist Takafumi Tsuchiya. Created for the Portland, OR band AU, the video starts out innocently enough as a really well-produced water color-style animation of nature and cityscapes. Then, somewhere around the 1:50 mark it goes off into outer space, figuratively and literally, and takes it to a whole other level. And what’s more: the music rocks.

Want to see your work up here? Submit your creations to and check back next Friday to see if you’ve made the cut.