Linyl: A New Take On Vinyl Records

<p>An evocative record player that converts photos into ambient light.</p>

Kevin Holmes

Record players may be a museum piece with regards to playing music, but not when it comes to playing memories. Just looking at a record players evokes a feeling of nostalgia, and this idea is what Ishac Bertran and friends Shruti Ramiah, Benoit Espinola, and Natalia Echevarría wanted to explore with their piece Linyl. Starting with the idea of old photos, knowing that as a recollective tool they are capable of stirring the same powerful emotions and memories that music can, they converted these to discs of color, extracting a color palette to generate a pattern. Then “a color light sensor is retrofitted onto the arm of the record player. It reads the color from the disc, next to the stylus. The information is sent to the lamp, which creates the ambient mood by gently going through the colors of the photo. These changing colors evoke the memory of a past time.” And there you have it, a record player that plays memories.

Linyl from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

[via PSFK]