New Wave Stencil Art Reimagines the Travel Poster

These sultry, exotic scenes are an antidote to bleak winter weather.

Masha (Maria) Koblyakova

All images courtesy the artist

Minimalistic compositions represent exotic locales in London-based artist and designer Thomas Danthony's Voyage series — 12 paintings linked by characteristic uses of bright hues, tinted with a touch of enigma. Inspired by places that Danthony might have visited or dreamt of, the series starts with “Window” and continues with an exploration of the act of traveling — the muse of Danthony’s work.

For Voyage, Danthony traded digital mediums for analog ones, putting emphasis on the complexity of his artistic arrangements. Reminiscent of exercises done during his design studies, Voyage draws on 19th-century stencil art techniques. The result is a combination between screenprint, woodblock, and painting. “I was feeling limited with screenprint, and that new medium definitely allowed me to get very close to what I wanted to do,” Danthony tells The Creators Project.


Danthony was inspired by vintage travel posters—as well as Corto Maltese, a sailor-adventurer comic book character from the 1960s. Their composition is precise, but the images are loaded with mystery. “I wanted the paintings in the series to flow like a wordless narrative, with a loose story, so people can use their own imagination too,” Danthony says.


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