3D Projection Mapping Lights Up A Skate Park

<p>The X Games should probably take note.</p>

We’ve seen plenty of examples of architectural projection mapping transforming the majestic facades of state capitols, government buildings and historic landmarks, and it’s become a favored visual tool to enhance the performances of musicians the world over. But it’s still nice to see the technique show up in a less expected, less dignified place like the local skate park. Yes, even the lowly half pipe can become a canvas for luminous animations and depth perception tricks, as evidenced by this projection performance staged by 3DMM, an “architectural lighting” group out of Brazil, in the native countryside of Sao Paulo state.

The images were captured and edited by VJ Cosmo, who is also responsible for the video below created for the Contato Multimedia Festival, which took place last year in the city of Sao Carlos: