3D Molded Garments That Mimic The Silkworm's Cocoon

<p>The <i>Nuue Project</i> is kind of like a super manual, no-tech version of the 3D printer.</p>

For centuries the Bombyx mori, more commonly known as the silkworm, has been domesticated and bred for the production of its raw silk. As the larvae spin themselves into silk, thread cocoons before maturing into moths, product designer Shota Aoyagi and fashion designer Jungeun Lee take inspiration from this highly-exploited phenomenon in their experimental garment collection Nuue Project.

Nuue, which means “silkworm” or “silkworm cocoon” in Korean, envisions a very structural collection that highlights the human silhouette through its sinewy three-dimensional structure. The abstract dresses, shirts, and coats are formed by continuously wrapping synthetic fiber around a solid object, before they’re molded by heat and pressure, resulting in abstract, flexible wearable sculptures.

The Nuue Project revolutionizes conventional methods of garment-making as it cuts down on excess material and labor wasted in pattern cutting and sewing.