3D Earthquake Data Visualizer soundQuake, Winner Of Our San Francisco Hackathon

<p>The seismic history of San Francisco comes to life.</p>

Living on the San Andreas Fault can keep earthquakes on one’s mind, which is why it seemed appropriate that a team at our Art Hack Weekend SF based their project on seismic data of the region, giving us a moving, musical visualization of earthquake activity over the past 30 years, with some possibly foreboding implications. Is it just us, or are the bars on that graph getting bigger and bigger?

soundQuake consists of a field of flowing blue cubes, and every time an earthquake occurs, a white cube appears and strikes a reverberated banjo chord, the volume depending on the intensity of the quake. Patterns in the data cause occasional flourishes in the ongoing, strangely soothing soundtrack. It just might be the thing to calm your nerves when you discover a spike in the data that means the ground is about to start going crazy.

Play soundQuake Here

Art Hack Weekend SF was focused on developing creative experiments using new web-based technologies like HTML5 and WebGL and was developed in collaboration with Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Check out our honorable mention, Partyline, here.