2.5 Years Of Computer Usage Turned Into A Stunning Data Visualization

<p>Marcin Ignac recorded everything he did on his computer and turned it into an artwork.</p>

All these years you’ve been surfing the web and messing around on your computer, have you ever put any consideration into what all that usage might look like? A blur of cat videos, status updates, and badly-authored Excel sheets, maybe?

Marcin Ignac has and created a set of data visualizations, a series of colored lines on a black background, which document all his computer activity from the past two and a half years in his project Every Day Of My Life.

He explains:

Each line represents one day and each colorful block is the most foreground app running at the given moment. Black areas are periods when my computer is not turned on. Seeping patterns (or lack of them) and time of holidays and travel (longer gaps) can be therefore easily identified.

The results were presented as prints at the Click Festival in Helsingør, Denmark earlier this year.

Keyboard hits

Mouse clicks

The prints at Click festival

[via Boing Boing]