1,216 Bronze Droplets Rain Down In Singapore's Changi Airport

<p>One of the largest kinetic sculptures in the world takes up home at Changi Airport.</p>

if you want to see some digital art, forget about going to a museum and head to an airport instead. We recently mentioned Vienna International Airport’s artwork Textscapes, and now Changi Airport in Singapore joins the ranks with the installation Kinetic Rain, located at Terminal 1.

The piece is from Creator Joachim Sauter‘s Berlin-based ART+COM and features 1,216 bronze raindrops spanning 75 square meters, making it one of the largest kinetic sculptures in the world. These droplets are suspended from the ceiling on thin steel wire and controlled by small motors, which move them around so they look like they’re floating as they move through the air in fluid, mesmerizing, synchronized movements. They follow a 15-minute choreographed, computer-controlled pattern.

Sauter and team say the aim was to develop a work that used contemplative movements to contrast, and perhaps sooth people, from the manic atmosphere of travel, which is of course the default setting of airports the world over. The company did a similar but smaller piece for BMW in 2008, which used 714 metal spheres following formations over a seven minute span.

[via Colossal]