1024 Architecture Brings A Stick Figure To Life

<p>New experiment combines Kinect hacking, projection mapping, and live performance&#8230; possibly coming to a theater near you?</p>

1024 architecture is known for their large-scale, geometric, audio-visual projection mapping spectacles, so their latest endeavor comes as a surprise as it wasn’t performed as part of an orchestrated public installation or event.

In any case, this augmented dance experiment entitled “Make the Line Dance,” does not fall short on delivery as 1024’s professional edge oozes out of everything they do, no matter how developmental or grandiose the project may be. Using a Kinect to track the movements of a dancer, they mapped a video layer onto the moving body using MadMapper to synch the video and live movement. The music you hear was even generated randomly using Max For Life.

We wonder if 1024 architecture is debating whether to foray into the performance realm? We bet this technique would make longer operas and dance recitals that much more enticing.

All images courtesy of 1024 architecture.