10,000 Images Capture Individual Dance Moves In NUDE

<p>Shinichi Maruyama&#8217;s choreographed motion photography.</p>

Shinichi Maruyama‘s previous photographic works captured the momentary stances of water, using a high speed camera to freeze images of fluid in motion. For his new series, NUDE, Maruyama teamed up with choreographer Jessica Lang to create photos that encapsulate every granular moment of a nude dancer’s motion. Each image is composed of 10,000 photos of a brief instance.

As Maruyama describes his method:

I know the advancement of technology has allowed me to create these new images that would have been impossible for others in the past. The scientist/photographer Étienne-Jules Marey, who contributed a lot to many artists more than 100 years ago, used a camera that shot 12 images per second. But because of the technology we have today, I was able to use a camera that let me take about 2,000 images per second.

[via: Spoon & Tamago]