10 Ghoulish GIFs To Give You Goosebumps

R.L. Stine's got nothing on these spooky/scary animations.

Christian Petersen is an English-born, Seattle-based graphic designer, video maker, GIF artist, and art editor at Société Perrier. Working under the name I Want You Art and Design, Petersen is an active member of the new media art movement, collaborating with and covering up-and-coming digital artists (including one of our all-time favorites Scorpion Dagger). Petersen also runs I Want You Magazine, an online web and print zine, curates animated gifs for the tumblr page Gif Lords, and somehow still manages to create his own totally bonkers designs.

Below, we've culled some of our favorite ghostly GIFs for your ghastly gaze:

Petersen collaborates with artist Izzie Klingels for her solo show Playing Games at M.I.A. Gallery in Seattle: 

The show closes this weekend, so if you're in the Seattle area be sure to stop by for gasps, ghosts, and other g words.

As a GIF expert, Petersen has also worked to bring other artists' work to vivid, slightly terrifying life. Below, Petersen animates a drawing by comic Johnny Ryan.

Another interesting collaboration was between Petersen and artist Grady Gordon, to celebrate Gordon’s current show, The Wild Hunt, at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Los Angeles. For the series Petersen turned Gordon's monotype prints into moving, jiggly beasts of the underworld:

And finally, the most terrifying GIF of all:


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