10 Christmas GIFs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Santa, snacks, and serious dancing.

If there ever was a time of year when we could all appreciate something bright and shiny popping into our lives, the holiday season would be it. That's why a team of international illustrators, animators, and directors have teamed up to bring the world ChristmasGifs.org--one of the most well curated selections of festive animations we've seen on the web. Curated by Ryan Todd, check out some of our favorite submissions from the open-sourced project.  

And remember:

This season...

Have Christmas go off with a bang!

Jack Hudson

Pick out some interesting ornaments...


Take time to appreciate the little things...

Ville Savimaa

Be sure to get your holiday shopping done early...

Robin Davey

Stay hydrated!

Jose David Morales

Eat lots of tasty treats...

Zach Higgins

Spend time with your wonderfully annoying family...

Cento Lodigiani ...make sure not to overeat!

Liam Owen

...remember to buy something for your loved ones.

Kristian Hammerstad

and most importantly..get festive!


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