1-Hour Photo App Makes You Wait To See Your Snaps

An app that will make you nostalgic for your collection of leftover film canisters.

Ah, the good ol’ darkroom days. Our hearts still yearn for the manual and intimate process, as we'd wait with bated breath as our film developed slowly before our eyes. The same goes for analog and disposable cameras. Part of the fun was in the mystery of what was hidden in those canisters, as well as the anticipation we felt after dumping off a bag full of film at our local 1-Hour Photo (RIP). 

For the nostalgic, one iOS app simulates the giddy waiting process from photography’s analog days. As the name suggestions, 1-Hour Photo, requires users to wait a full sixty minutes before viewing any pics taken with it. When the timer runs out, a beautiful black and white image appears, but without the pungent photo chemical smell. 

Nevercenter, the company behind the app, is making a move towards slow technology by encouraging users to value the singular image the anticipation that goes with retrograde photo processes. We're game to test out the throwback, but hopefully we won't have to burn and dodge the old fashioned way, too. 

h/t TIME


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