6 Photographers Take to Snapchat for a New Kind of Exhibition

Art gallery or app? The six artists contributing to the six-week photography exhibition are testing the "materiality and temporality of photographic images."

Sami Emory

Nico Krijno, images courtesy of the artists and curators. 

Some Snapchat their selfies; the six artists contributing app-based photography exhibition This Is It/Now snapchat their artworks. As curated by the alliteratively-named team Paul Paper and Max Marshall, the six-week show is viewable on the app via the username thisisitnowshow. Each week, an artist takes control of the account, producing and sharing original photos and videos which incorporate the app’s rudimentary photo-editing functions and doodling and Emoji additions. “The end result is an ephemeral gesture within a controlled environment, which is sent directly from the artist to the viewer,” Marshall explains to The Creators Project. 

“We focused on artists whose work explores the idea of manipulation in photographic images,” he continues. “Snapchat restricts an image form being manipulated apart from a few basic filters. The artist is able to control exactly how long a photo or video is shown to the viewer […] One of our goals was to simply explore a new concept which expands the boundaries of what an exhibition can be and where artful images are created.” 

The exhibition, which began on August 3, is now in its fourth stage with artist Ruth van Beek behind the screen. Before van Beek came the works of Nico Krijno, Roxana Azar, and Sergiy Barchuk. Up next, beginning on the 31st, is Lonneke van der Palen. The show closes on September 12, after seven days of several second works by David Brandon Geeting and panel discussion at SIGNAL Gallery—chock-full of artists, critics, writers, and editors. 

Below, a selection of works from the previous and current snappers from the thisisitnowshow account:

Nico Krijno

Roxana Azar

Roxana Azar

Nico Krijno

Roxana Azar 

Follow thisisitnowshow on Snapchat to enjoy the This Is It/Now photography exhibition for yourself.


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