[Visual Dictionary] An Interactive AI Illustration

Visual definitions shed light on 2015's biggest art trends.

We asked some of our favorite artists to visually define some ideas and genres we felt had a big presence in 2015. Aowen Jin makes everything from interactive installations to glowing blacklight drawings. To capture the nuance of artificial intelligence-driven art in a year that includes everything from Ex Machina to Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking's anti-AI rhetoric, she made a program that learns from your clicks, matching your tempo and continuing it after you stop. Below, she's visualized the code for that program as the iconic image of a human sperm cell fertilizing an egg.

"The concept is based on a beat-learning code that I created, which mimics one of the very basic skills required by AI—that is, learning from people. However the code is colored to produce an image of human fertilization, the key moment of reproduction for organic life, suggesting what the whole field of AI is aiming to replicate using code—the detailed creation of human-like intelligence."

Here are some more artists tackling AI:

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+Raven Kwok


+Sean Murray

+Google's Deepdream

+Joseph Nechvatal

+Nelly-Ève Rajotte

+Tim Reynolds

Nelmarie du Preez, Autonomous Times, 2015 at Arebyte Gallery. Image courtesy of Arebyte Gallery. All rights reserved

+Ivan Gopienko

+Pindar Van Arman

+Spike Jonze

+Alex Garland

+Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach

+Nelmarie du Preez

See more of Aowen Jin's work on her website.


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