Viral Style: Animated Selfie Apps, Fitness Data Art, And 3D-Printed Wireless Earbuds

Viral Style #63 pinpoints a multitude of sportswear innovations that will make you look futuristic as you get buff.


With fitness tracker bands such a big craze right now, London-based studio Variable has created a way to visualise all the information collected by the accessories in a beautiful way. In the run-up to 2014’s We Own the Night Nike Women’s 10K run, seven runners were chosen and fitted with Nike FuelBands, which were worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as they trained. Variable then transformed all this data into abstract artwork called 'Fibers' – watch the vid and you can see how each runner’s unique 'Fiber' develops and changes over the course of the training period.


Fusing wearable tech innovation with a high-fashion finish, Elemoon is currently cleaning up on Kickstarter with its smart-chic accessory design. A natural polymer cuff incorporates a touch interface, activity sensor, and LED lights that flash to alert you to smartphone notifications via a Bluetooth hook-up—not unlike Kovert Designs from this week's episode of Make It Wearable: The Concepts. It can also find your phone when lost, plus the band is splash-proof. Techy features aside, the idea is to offer wearers a piece of customisable jewelery that can sync with their individual lifestyle, allowing them to change the light sequence and colour to match their outfit.


Another big-hitter on Kickstarter right now, OwnPhones are the world’s first ever 3D-printed, wireless earbuds, designed to fit your ear perfectly while delivering first-class sound. No more dirty looks for you on the morning commute – music leakage will be a thing of the past. To start, users upload a short video scan of their ears taken on their phone’s camera, which is then converted into data to construct an exclusive custom-fit shape. After that, you can tailor the look to match your taste with a library of over 10,000 style, colour and material combinations. Once you have the buds nestled safely in your ears, the accessory is also able to filter annoying ambient noises, and its Bluetooth technology means you won’t be getting tangled up in wires either. Good news is, OwnPhones have smashed their $250,000 pledge, so hopefully they’ll be rolling out production next year.  


In other Nike-related news, animation production company Golden Wolf has put together a slick little two-minute video tracking the sportswear giant’s evolution over 43 years in footwear. Highlighting over 200 pairs of trainers and football boots as part of Nike’s Genealogy of Innovation campaign, the visuals show us key innovative designs developed over seven eras, from Genesis (1971-1994) right through to Revolution (2014). Definitely one for all you sneaker freakers out there.


If you’re someone who loves taking selfies but want to go next-level with your shots, you’re gonna be all over the new Camoji iPhone app. Similar to Snapchat in style, Camoji allows users to share animated GIF selfies via iMessage. It’s gesture-based (swipe left to delete, swipe right to share on social media etc etc), and you don’t even need to create an account to start shooting. So, next time you’re enjoying a latte, hanging with your bestie or just looking soooo bad this morning LOL, you can rest easy knowing people can definitely see you from all your best sides, not just one.