How to Make the Perfect 'Tron' Siren Costume for Halloween

Kit Quinn is an LA-based professional cosplayer. Here's the lowdown on one of the intricate, handmade costumes she'll be sporting this Halloweekend.

Kit Quinn is an LA-based professional cosplayer. Here’s the lowdown on one of the intricate, hand-made, light-up costumes she’ll be sporting this Halloweekend.

Sirens. Those creepy, eerily beautiful mythological creatures. Odysseus and his crew became entranced by them during their long voyage. And likewise, the Tron Legacy Sirens evoke a sense of wonder from all who lay eyes on them. You won’t see a lot of Tron Sirens out trick-or-treating, but you might spot some of us at a cosplay convention or deep-house EDM party.

My Tron Siren dress was inspired by the body suits worn by the Sirens in the movie Tron: Legacy. I’ve made the full costume a number of times before, but this time I wanted something edgier. Something easier to wear and better suited for a party atmosphere. So I opted for a short-sleeve, knee-length dress version.

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As for the material, I used four-way and two-way stretch rubberized spandex. The pattern is a puzzle of interlocking pieces that exist in ratio with one another, meaning you can’t simply take it in or hem it. And hide those seams! Sirens do not have seam lines!

Now for the tech. This bad boy is powered by a Sunhans Booster 12V DC 6800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack with a 12V inverter. I used about 100” of 0.5” Split Electrode EL Tape in white to light it up. I chose to have a continuous power current flow to cut down on the number of wires I had inside the suit linking to my inverter/battery by using a combination of conductive thread that I got at Radioshack and office staples. (Warning: Every time you cut EL Tape you have now exposed yourself to electrocution so make sure to seal that back up with some clear tape. You don’t want to touch the exposed innards of electronics. Same goes for all staples/conductive thread/metal eyelets, all those will shock the crap out of you when the EL is plugged in, so cover it with a sealant or use some tape.)

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Shout out to my boyfriend Steven of Soloroboto for helping solder all the wires to metal eyelets and making my hub (the thing on the back that disc sits on and where battery is hidden) from a yogurt container filled with resin, and some foam floor mats. My disc was made from a Flynn identity disc I got at Disneyland a few years ago. Never be afraid to use what’s around you to make it work!

The final touch to the costume is the glove/finger light. In the movie, the Sirens use their laser fingertip lights to cut the clothing off our hero to suit him up in “grid” appropriate attire. I attached a simple LED to a switch and a battery to compactly fit in my palm so that when I hit the button with my finger, the light pops on.

Tron Sirens have a mysterious legacy all their own, and this unique costume definitely delivers. Plus, I am proud to say I only electrocuted myself three times while making it.

Image courtesy of Subversive Photography

Image courtesy of Subversive Photography

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