Photographer Captures the Abstract Language of Architecture

Here's why Sebastian Weiss is "one of the 15 best architecture photographers worth following on Instagram."

What does it take to become "one of the 15 best architecture photographers worth following on Instagram," according to Archilovers? If you're Sebastian Weiss, it's a fluid understanding of the language of cornices and cantilevers, a keen eye for light and shadow, and a curious desire to share your square snapshots with the world. On his Instagram, the AD Architectural Digest Germany photographer maintains a steady output of images to 127,000 followers, offering a window into his le_blanc series. "I search for the aesthetics of constructions, architecture and the details of their shapes," Weiss tells The Creators Project. "In my eyes, every building has its own architectural language with a totally individual vocabulary. In all of these languages, I look for the most beautiful letters and words." 

His photos depict outdoor architectures that are at once as enormous and concrete as they are otherworldly. Explains Weiss, "My aim is to abstract urban shapes and underline their clear forms and structures. By breaking the essence of a city down to the substance, I intend to free buildings from their spatial context and known surroundings."

Check out some of Sebastian Weiss' photographs below, and for move, follow le_blanc on Instagram


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