Lose All Your Good Sense(s) in Emanuele Kabu's Latest Psychedelic Turn

Animator and illustrator Emanuele Kabu creates an immersive music video set to a pulsing Rocket Pengwin's song.

Tracking an open road afront a setting sun and an amorphous shape of a man running into the beyond. Emanuele Kabu, a favorite on The Creators Project for his inventive, animated direction, partners with the soundtrack of Rocket Pengwin in an immersive music video. The trippy display of color and sound moves with the accelerating sonics of the tune, called Open Your Eyes. It's a strange sensation to move through the streaky, 80s-Miami images as if the viewer is taking flight or tumbling down a slick air duct. Either way, the pulsating synths of the music are a fitting partner alongside galactic and psychology-book imagery. 

Emanuele Kabu, a professed detail fiend, creates a hyper-personal experience by situating his audience in his first-person POV. By creating a joined identity with his viewers, the artist makes it easier to dive into unbelievable illustrations and allow his shape-shifting, sherbert-colored visions to completely overwhelm. 

See a few animated shots from Open Your Eyes, and the full video, below:

Watch more videos from Emanuele Kabu on his Vimeo page. To download the free Rocket Penguin song, Open Your Eyes, visit, here.


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