Vimeo Creates A Drone Selfie Channel Called "Dronies" To Organize Remote-Controlled Vanity

But did anyone ask for this?

Bernal Hill selfie from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.

So it's come to this. We already have the Global Selfie taken by NASA in the works, a Selfie Mirror, and now Drone Selfies are becoming a thing. But did anyone ask Vimeo to create a whole channel for people to explore drone-taken selfies, aka "Dronies"

The channel is less than a week old, and only sports 9 videos, but the quadcopter-induced vanity is pulsing. It's looming. It's real. Well, at least for people who have a spare remote-control personal drone with a camera attached...

So maybe this won't become a cultural phenomenon, but it's undeniably creepy how close "Dronies" is to "Droogies" a la A Clockwork Orange. But hey, as long as we don't see this kind of selfie spread into the military, there's not too much to fuss over. For now. 

Dronie2 from Alex MacCaw on Vimeo.