[Video Premiere] First Look at Nonotak’s Sugar Mountain 'Mirrored Infinity Room' Installation

The Paris-based design duo are unveiling a new installation, co-presented by The Creators Project, at Sugar Mountain.

Last year Nonotak delighted crowds at Sugar Mountain with their onsite installation DAYDREAM V.4. The Paris-based design duo are making their return to this year’s edition of Sugar Mountain with the world premiere of two new installations, presented in collaboration with The Creators Project.

Made up of Noemi Schipper and Takami Nakamoto, Nonotak are known for their immersive worlds of lights and music. Off the back of a recent commission for Hermès in Turkey and work on display at the UK’s Tate Modern, these new works will be their most ambitious projects yet.

In this video we give you an exclusive first look at the larger feature installation, HOSHI. Commissioned by Sugar Mountain director Pete Keen, HOSHI uses large-scale mirrors and light to create an ‘infinite box’ that viewers can enter and walk around in to experience the artwork in 360-degrees.

“We like the fact that Sugar Mountain mixes music and art, and in this way we wanted to create something that was narrative-driven and immersive, but also something that could be considered as a sculpture of light,” Nakamoto tells The Creators Project. “I would love people to feel a 'pause’—something that detaches them from the whole festival atmosphere. This is what is awesome about mixing music and art at a festival—you can have a blast listening to nice live show and then have a break into immersive spaces set up like an art space.”

To learn more about Nonotak you can go here. Sugar Mountain 2016 takes place on Sat Jan 23 at the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Arts Precinct. Click here for more info and tickets.


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