The "Freaky GIF Head" Guy One-Ups His Freaky Craft

Sometimes GIFs aren't enough to get your weird ideas across.

The work of Serbian artist, Milos "Sholim" Rajkovic, was once described as "Freaky GIFs You Will Never Forget," and we might have to agree. His work looks like a mad scientist's twist on Magritte's The Son Of Man, as politicians, corporate workaholics, and models from your average infomercial get their faces removed and replaced with a spotlight on their inner gears and levers (literally, gears and levers replace bones and veins). While the GIFs were clever (and maybe a little unsettling), the artist has one-upped himself, as his work has been cleaned, polished, and enhanced with an audio element. 

Last week, Sholim updated his artist page on Coub so that his GIF heads like "Model," "Career," and "Workaholic," were turned into hi-res animations with accompanying sounds and music that complement the initial idea. "Model," for example, now includes bells and twinkling noises that make the space inside the subject's head feel like a music box. "Manchine," on the other hand, includes a corporate bro with a giant grin, while inside his head we see a little human (maybe his soul?) engulfed in flames. 

These are not dissimilar from that Vaudevillian trope of the monkey banging cymbals "inside" the head of a confused character--they're just more clever. As Sholim told The Daily Dot, he uses "pretty faces from the commercials that we watched hundreds of times who have no identity or personality. So I just remove their faces to have [a] look at what's inside." 

Sometimes a GIF isn't enough to create a witty character--sound effects and music bring things to a whole new (and still a little creepy) level. 

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